I installed ledger-live-bin from the Arch repos, but even after a restart and manual invocations of udevadm trigger and udevadm control --reload-rules, the error would not go away.

The package does include the udev rules, as you can verify by running

$ pacman -Ql ledger-live-bin | grep udev

This blog post gave the correct hint:

# chmod 666 /dev/hidraw4

But it did not talk about finding the correct number. It’s not always hidraw4, obviously.

To find the right one, try

$ tail -n +1 /sys/class/hidraw/hidraw*/device/uevent

or the more advanced script taken from here:

for f in $FILES
  DEVICE="$(cat /sys/class/hidraw/${FILE}/device/uevent | grep HID_NAME | cut -d '=' -f2)"
  printf "%s \t %s\n" $FILE "$DEVICE"
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